Yeah, I dont blog much. Perhaps I was feeling ambitious the day I started this blog and wrote my first entry. I have lots to write about, but not a lot of time to do so. I still put in 13 hours a day for my employer. On weekdays I just go home and drink and smoke until I pass out. Adult life. I still visit the wordpress regularly, but comment sparingly. I read a few blogs religiously, CH, DT, YR archives, stuff I find relevant to my own life. So, the Doctor is still around, look for increasing posts soon as a seasonal layoff is in my future. Cant. FUCKING. WAIT.

Lets jump straight into something that has me puzzled. I think I’m being trolled or someone is trying to scam me. I have a facebook, its pretty sparse and doesn’t reveal much about me. It’s also private, so most people cant see anything besides basic info and a couple pics not even showing my face. I like privacy, even if I know I’ve given it all away being on facebook in the first place. I hate facebook, but it has scored me some ass before in the past. So I still have it up, and a couple weeks ago I got a really random friend request. Asian girl, Fillipina, thin, decently cute face, nice natural B tits and long legs, just how the Doc likes ’em.

However, I am immediately suspicious. There’s 1000s of fake facebook profiles out there, and I aint about to be Manti Te’od. There are a # of really obscure or random pics she posted of cars, motorcycles, strange anime pics focusing on love, roses, other gay female shit. It just seems fake to me. But she’s got a lot of pics of herself from over a few years and is tagged with a number of other asian girls that also have profiles.  

She messaged me a couple hours after adding her to thank me for doing so. Since then this girl has talked to me daily, and seems to be legit. Normal game was offensive to her, right off the bat. I had to recalibrate quickly, and she is already telling me she likes me, thinks about me…and asking if I miss talking to her when I blow her off all weekend to get drunk. (told her I missed her so much that I built a shrine in her name out of bubble gum and elephant skin…she loved it.) Kind of a mix of american game and foreigner game. Slightly edgy yet not outright rude, I tease her A LOT. She loves it.  

Now my question is this. Is this a legit fillipina girl I’m talking to? I asked how she found me, she said my last name was the same as her favorite author. I’m not aware of anyone with my last name being a well known author. Strike one. I asked her a 2nd time a week later and her answer was she liked guys who could talk english. What the fuck? As if she doesn’t see enough tourists over there. Strike 2. She tells me of her problems funding her brothers schooling…strike 3? Is this what the world is coming to? 3rd world women using facebook mobile to attempt scamming young American men? I don’t know yet, but when I go to the Phillipines this Feb/March (not because of her for fuck sake), she has offered to meet me and introduce me to her family (Not happening). Could she be looking for a green card? That is what my friends seem to think.

I dunno, but I am looking forward to boring out some fillipinas this winter. Maybe I’ll swing by her families bungalo and meet her too if I can get to her area from Angeles City.

Readers: Whats your take? What would you do in my situation? Defriend or befriend?